International Geocaching Day is annually observed, and it falls on August 19 this year. Geocaching is similar to a hide and seeks game where persons find hidden treasure. More precisely, this game makes use of the advanced technology called GPS. International Geocaching Day is commemorated to celebrate this fun hobby and those persons who participate in it.

“My favorite thing to do is to Geocache where I’ve never Geocached before.”

History of International Geocaching Day

The history and the person who first celebrated International Geocaching Day are still anonymous. On the third Saturday of August, it is found that Geocaching, a famous treasure hunting game, has its origin in the old practice of the 160-year-old game ‘letterboxing,’ which uses hints and references to the landmarks embedded in the stories. Letterboxing game focused on creating small weatherproof boxes with clues within to some new locations. Every letterbox will contain a notebook and a rubber stamp within. The person who found that letterboxer is called a letterboxer. He would use to stamp their notebook with the stamp by indicating that he had found it. Modern-day Geocaching uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver or the mobile device and other navigational techniques. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, and the first geocache was made by Dave Ulmer, a resident of Beavercreek, Oregon, on May 3, 2000. He posted and invited others to actively participate, and from them, till now, it is been played as an iteration. The letterbox is replaced by small waterproof containers called geocaches or caches which have a logbook and a pen or pencil. The geocacher will sign it and enter the date mentioning they found it. After signing the log, the person found it must place back to the exact place.

International Geocaching Day

Other Celebrations on August 19

August 19 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

The best way to celebrate International Geocaching Day is to register at and start geocaching by locating geocaches near you. Explore the world and begin your treasure hunting iteration. Share your celebration pictures on social media using the hashtag #InternationalGeocachingDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Geocaching Day 2023.