International Bow Day is annually observed on August 19. Without any doubt, Bow Day would never get completed without wearing it on the head, neck, wrist or finger. Celebrating International Bow Day will encourage each one of us to carry a bow and thereby sharing the beauty of wearing it to the world.

” When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It’s about the reestablishment of the gentleman.” – Dhani Jones

History of International Bow Day

International Bow Day is established precisely to celebrate the beauty of the bow. The bow must be tied to something, and that makes it more valuable and immensely superior. It is believed that tieing a bow will bring in some form of incredible power. Whereas in the normal case of without the bow being tied is shows that it has no value. Bows usually appear in any number of arrangements. So a bow can be tied on different occurrences as to when it is a hair-bows then it will bind up the hair and is a decoration made of ribbons. A bow can be tied around the neck of the noblest and wisest of men that add little more grace to that person. A bow can be made of any material like silk or cotton, plain or bedecked decorated with rhinestones and glitter. The only thing required to make a bow is that the material one used must be flexible enough to make foldings and tie it up with ease. Even the presents, gifts, and bouquets we buy from the shops are also wrapped and decorated with bows. You can tie a bow on your finger to keep remembering something.

International Bow Day

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How to Celebrate the day

The best way to celebrate International Bow Day is by learning the different methods by which a bow can be tied on various occasions. As Bow tying methods vary, and it may be a simple loop, package bow, layer bow, dior bow, and much more. So learn how entirely one can tie a bow and do it yourself. Try out your bow learning for the next time if you buy a present for someone. Send them the gifts with your bow and post those pictures on International Bow Day on social media using the hashtag #InternationalBowDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Bow Day 2023.