Fun Facts About Names Day

Fun Facts About Names Day is celebrated on first Monday of every march. This year it will be celebrated on March 5. It is a fun holiday observed to encourage people to learn about the historical meaning of their name and the names of their friends and family. Your name is who you are or who you want to be. So it’s essential for you to know the meaning of your name. And if you happen to find your name funny or dumb then today is a day to change your name. There are some fun facts about the name like; it is believed that names have power which is why many people have two names. Indonesians sometimes change their names if they experience a severe illness or hardship. They hope the change will confuse the evil spirits that cause the problems in the first place. In some cultures, older people will take on a new name thinking as it will re-strengthen them or restore youth.

I’m Serena Williams on the court, but away I have so many different names. I call myself Butterfly.” – Serena William

History of Fun Facts About Names Day

Fun Facts About Names Day must be created to know the historical meaning of one’s name and to have some fun. This holiday is a part of the Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW) which was established in 1997 by onomatology hobbyist Jerry Hill. Jerry Hill created this day to share his interest in onomastics, the study of the origins and usage of proper names. The six other days celebrated are Namesake Day, Discover What Your Name Means Day, Nametag Day, Middle Name Pride Day and Descendants Day.

Fun Facts About Names Day

Fun Facts About Names Day

Other Celebrations on March 5

March 5 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate Fun Facts About Names Day

Take a chance on Fun Facts About Names Day and find out the history behind your name and ask your parents for the reason to name you so. You may also end up discovering new interesting facts about your name, and that may make you happy and proud of having that name. On Fun Facts About Names Day, search for famous people whom you have shared your name with. Moreover, you can read about the history of other names that you are inspired of. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about Fun Facts About Names Day by using the hashtag #FunFactsAboutNamesDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Fun Facts About Names Day 2018.