Use Less Stuff Day is observed annually on the Third Thursday of November. In hope of some of the year’s biggest and busiest shopping days in the United States – Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the private holiday motive people to buy and use fewer things to reduce environmental waste and lower their energy use. The newest tech toys, the most modern kitchen gadgets, the latest whatever, all got to be in our hands and there for us to use. Worse, we tend to use a lot of disposable containers and paper towels.

We really must understand that the lust for affluence in contemporary society is psychotic. It is psychotic because it has completely lost touch with reality. We crave things we neither need nor enjoy.” – Richard Foster

History of Use Less Stuff Day

It was founded as part of a battle working to save the environment, and to save the world. Of course, what needs to be understood is that we’re not saving the world, we’re saving ourselves. The Earth as it remains will spin on its merry way no matter what we do to it, and life on it will just modify to the new environment we created.

Use Less Stuff Day

Other Celebrations on November 16

November 16 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Make a conscious decision to reduce your waste during the holidays. Instead of purchasing physical gifts, give them your time. Donate in your friend’s or family member’s name to their favorite charitable organization. Volunteer to babysit or help a friend with house improvement projects. Buy them tickets to watch a film or play like a holiday gift. Handmade gifts and wrap them in reusable or biodegradable packaging. You can use the hashtag #UseLessStuffDay to post your thoughts on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Use Less Stuff Day 2023.