Social Enterprise Day

Social Enterprise Day is celebrated on third Thursday of every November. This year it will be observed on November 15. Social Enterprise is an organisation that works to enhance the people lives of people and their environment. The Social Enterprise Day is a special day to honour the institutions which work to serve the community and their needs by giving goods and services to the less fortunate people in the world.

My best advice to entrepreneurs is this: Forget about making mistakes, just do it.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

History of Social Enterprise Day

Social Enterprise Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of November, and it is a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. It is a special day to raise awareness about the social enterprises who works for the social or environmental mission. On Every Social Enterprise Day, Social Enterprise UK will conduct a massive campaign around the world to honor the organizations which work for the people’s welfare. Social enterprises involve themselves in helping to fix the social needs by supporting the disadvantaged peoples, providing services and products to the peoples who are in need.

Social Enterprise Day 2017 - November 16
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Other Celebrations on November 15

November 15 is also celebrated as


How to celebrate Social Enterprise Day

The best way to celebrate the Social Enterprise Day is by honoring the organizations or institutions that work for the welfare of peoples. Search for the local groups where you can work with or volunteer with them to help the local peoples. Post images and share your opinions on social media about Social Enterprise by using the hashtag #SocialEnterpriseDay.

Thank you for reading the Post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Social Enterprise Day 2018.

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