National Selfie Day is observed on June 21st each year. The invention of smartphones has made a revolution in today’s world. The term Selfie has become the most familiar one all over the world. People are taking selfies all day, and they have fantastic profile pictures, which look utterly fantastic. It is like they took hundreds of images to get the right one. And the smartphones are arriving with a better front camera for taking selfies, and you can achieve the bokeh effect only with your mobile phone, which takes your photo to an extreme level. Considering the Selfie as an essential thing, some the mobile manufacturing companies are launching mobile phones with a dual front camera for taking the group and standard selfies, So that you can achieve the wide-angle and the telephoto lens effects in two different cameras.

“Selfies became too big. The selfie photos are not good. Fans ask me for a selfie, and I say, ‘Let’s just do a photo.’ I’m not anti-selfie, but I like a classic photograph.” – Marin Cilic

National Selfie Day

History Of National Selfie Day

Selfie origin must have been created in ages when handheld cameras are a thing. DJ Rick McNeely founds the day, and On June 21, 2014, BBC officially declared the Selfie Day. People from all around the world take selfies with total enthusiasm. People have been taking pictures of themselves for quite some time, and most experts agree that the selfie first evolved into this modern version when people started taking pictures of themselves to post on MySpace in earlier days. Nowadays every smartphone has a front camera, which lets people take selfies in no time.

National Selfie Day

The primary purpose of the front camera in mobile phones is manufactured for the video calling feature. But now the trend has changed. It makes it fully equipped with high-resolution digital cameras. Some mobile manufacturers include dual cameras for taking selfies, in which you can take a group selfie and the single one too. It is also capable of taking excellent photos in very low light conditions.

Many mobile manufacturing companies are concentrating more on the front camera than the rear one. Since the selfie has become a trendy thing, it is expected by every smartphone user. It is also made possible with the more high-definition digital cameras on the mobile phone. People take selfies wherever they do, whoever they meet is unique. All this was made possible due to the invention of smartphones.

National Selfie Day Quotes

“A selfie is nothing more than just an external reflection of yourself.” – Munia Khan

“In a world of selfie-addiction smile usually is the brand name for an essential drug called pretense.” – Munia Khan

“A good selfie is when you successfully capture the feeling of that very moment!” – Anamika Mishra

“With the selfies, a photographer has finally found his place in a photograph.” – Amit Kalantri

“Snapchat works because using a selfie is way easier than texting or tweeting. Stories should adapt to the medium and do so without cheapening the story.” – Om Malik

Other Celebrations on June 21

June 21 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Selfie Day

Celebrating National Selfie Day is much simple you can take tons and tons of selfies to take the perfect one, So get out there with your smartphone and take a photo of yourself whenever the opportunity presents itself. You can also buy some sticks to take pictures of yourself with your friends. It is time to share the photos that were taken by you on social media. Once you don’t have to be embarrassed for taking a selfie to post on your profiles. You have got one clear excuse and the complete pass on it for the day, and It’s the Selfie Day!  Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about Promise Day by using the hashtags #NationalSelfieDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Selfie Day 2023.