World Jump Day is celebrated on July 20 of every year. World Jump Day is celebrated exactly at 11:39.13 GMT, during which millions of people from the Western Hemisphere jump simultaneously. It is believed that by jumping simultaneously, the earth would be moved from its orbit into a new one, and it would stop global warming. Technica,lly many scientisagreeept that particular activity can be done for fun and may affect tearth’s rotationrth to some extent. Scientists from the Department of Gravitation stated that if 600 million people jump at the same moment, the earth will move a bit from its orbit, which will cause the earth to be distant from the sun, resulting in reduced global warming. It is based on the theory that changes in the earth’s mass will make a difference in its orbit. But many people consider this day a fun prank as the earth’s mass includes plants and animals, and until the whole mass is thrown off, it’s difficult to change the earth from its orbit. Working or not working, just jump up to observe this day.

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.” – Ray Bradbury

History of World Jump Day

World Jump Day was created by Torsten Lauschmann, a German artist from the United Kingdom. He created a website to promote the concept widely. World Jump Day was first observed on July 20, 2006; the site unbelievably had almost 600,256,820 million jumpers. He considered the act an art installation and reminded people about global warming. But many people consider this day a hoax, as the seriousness of the people’s intention is questionable, and people’s weight on earth is so minimal that it is hard to cause any effect. The day is considered to be unscientific and was widely discredited. Whatever the reason, jump to try your luck moving the earth.

World Jump Day

Other Celebrations on July 20

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How to Celebrate the Day

Observe the day precisely at 11:39:13 GMT by jumping off from your place. Spread the news to friends and family. And make them take part in the event. You can also register for the World Jump Day site to be a part of the official event.

Even if you have missed the specific jumping time, visit the nearby swimming pool or Trampoline to enjoy the day. If not, you can jump with a rope in your home.

Jump day can be fun to celebrate. Make your surroundings aware of the concept and jump together. So this would add little fun to your day. Maybe today, you got an interesting topic to discuss with people you come across.

 Post pictures and share your World Jump Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #WorldJumpDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Jump Day 2023.