World Lizard Day is celebrated on August 14 of every year. World Lizard Day is all about celebrating the Lizard all over the day. There are nearly 5600 species of Lizards alive today, and many of them are threatened species, with habitat loss and predation by non-native species like dogs and cats being the primary threats. World Lizard Day provides the perfect opportunity for a fun celebration of a reptilian fascination, and a chance to teach people about the world around us.

Real shapes and real patterns are things you would observe in nature, like the marks on the back of a cobra’s hood or the markings on a fish or a lizard. Imaginary shapes are just that, symbols that come to a person in dreams or reveries and are charged with meaning.” – Jim Woodring

History of World Lizard Day

The creator or founder of Lizard Day is still unknown. Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles that live across the world in several habitats, from the urban sprawl to the Amazonian rainforest. Different species of lizards feed differently, and there are insectivorous, omnivorous as well as carnivorous species. Some of them are rare and difficult to study, leading to a paucity of scientific research on their biology and habits. It is common knowledge that lizards will drop their tails if they are caught and run away completely unharmed. Their tails will grow back usually, but not as smoothly as the original tail. The interesting and more obscure fact of Lizard is that horned lizards can squirt blood from their eyes to confuse and foil predators to protect themselves from them.

World Lizard Day

Other Celebrations on August 14

August 14 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate World Lizard Day

Celebrating the day is quite easy and very simple to remember. If you are a parent, teach your kids about Lizards and their nature. You can also create awareness among the people about the endangering of LIzards. You can use the hashtag #WorldLizardDay and #LizardDay to express your views on social media about the day.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Lizard Day 2023.