Black Cat Appreciation Day comes on August 17 of every year. Most often, superstitious beliefs prevailing in most cultures mention the black cats are believed to bring bad luck. The Black Cat Appreciation Day was celebrated to dismiss the myths, prejudges, and misconceptions about black cats and thus to achieve awareness among people. The myth about the cats in black varies from place to place where some consider it as a good omen, and others say it as a bad omen. Whatsoever, the black cat is idle and unique living that will be lovable by all those who don’t believe in the delusions. Therefore the celebration of the black cats will mark goodness and anyone could step down to adopt one on the National Black Cat Appreciation Day.

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” – Groucho Marx

History of Black Cat Appreciation Day

The person who was first responsible and celebrated the day is still unknown. However, the reason for choosing August 17 has a reason. To adore and celebrate black cats is known. The person who thought to celebrate this day for black cats chose this date as his lovable sister died on the same day after the death of her black cat just before two months. He marked this day to honor her sister and her bond with the black cats she had. The history of this black cat’s celebration dates back to many years back. The myth about black cats varies from several regions. Until the Middle Ages, cats including the black cats were believed to be goddesses and they lived the life of luxury. Once after which the black cats were believed to be from the family of witches or demons. Often the black cats were regarded as Halloween. In Western Europe, black cats were regarded as an evil omen or bad luck. People in Germany think that black cats crossing a path of a person from right to left is a bad omen, but from left to right brings good luck. Despite all the negative beliefs, black cats are adored by modern people. Now the day has been celebrated to make people believe that all living in the world has a reason and black cats are no more considered a bad sign. The day also shows that it is possible for any black cat to be a better companion and a pet for oneself. The day raises awareness about the plight of black cats.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

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How to Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

The best way to celebrate the day is by adopting a black cat on National Black Cat Appreciation Day. Provide a safe shelter and food for it. If you already have one for you, then take the black cat out and show the world you’re lucky to have the black one. Provide useful information to the people about the importance of having a black cat. Share the links and site including this. Educate people that they aren’t bad omens anymore as the black cats are loyal, charming, and elegant to spend time with. Post your Black Cat Appreciation Day celebration photos on social media with the hashtag #Blackcatappreciationday.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day 2022.