World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed on 15th June every year. Abusing an elder is a serious issue that the world is facing right now. This day is mainly created to create awareness about abusing elders. The elderly should be given protection and respected all around the world. People should stop abusing elders and start understanding their problems and taking care of them. World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day, as the name says, should be used to remind everyone to create awareness to protect elderly people.

History of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The UN General Assembly announced June 15 as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in the 66/127 resolution. On this day, the entire world is asked to give voice to any form of abuse given to elderly people. The total amount of older people is getting increased day by day, and it will keep on rising. The abuse of older people is increasing as well. Elder abuse is one of the least investigated violence, and the abuse is not addressed like other social issues by the national action plans.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15

Elderly people have all the rights to be treated with respect and dignity. They have gone through all the struggles in their life, and during their elderly life, they should lead happier life without getting abused. They have all rights to get respect and dignity. They should live a life free of abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Older people should be given good health care as well. If someone is abusing the elders, make sure you question them and file a complaint against them.

Other Celebrations on June 15

June 15 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

The World Elder Abuse Awareness can be observed by raising funds for the cause of this day. You can also help by donating funds to a charity that supports the elderly and their well-being. The day can also be observed by volunteering yourself and helping elderly people by checking their health and creating awareness that abusing elders is a crime and that people should respect them. This should not be done on this day alone; giving respect to elders should be carried out each and every day. This day is to create awareness of respecting them. Create awareness and share your experience on social forums with the hashtag #WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay.

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