National Lobster Day is celebrated on 15th of June every year. The National Lobster Day is mainly celebrated to honour the delicious goodness of all time favourite creepy lobster. There is always a love for this seafood and this day is meant to be the day which has to be celebrated with the dishes made of lobsters. The lobster day is also celebrated in honour of the fisherman who is the reason behind catching this amazing seafood.

History of National Lobster Day

The exact origin and creator of the National Lobster Day is not known. But whoever is the creator of this day must have been a great lover of the lobster dish. The lobster doesn’t taste good with all the cooks. If the cook doesn’t cook it well, then the delicious dish turns awful and people don’t like the taste if it is not cooked properly. There are many lobster cooking specialist and many restaurants have cooks dedicated for cooking lobsters. If you fall in love with the dish made with lobsters then you will stay with this dish whenever you go the restaurant.

National Lobster Day - June 15
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National Lobster Day – June 15

Lobsters are often served with lemon and butter which adds extra taste to it. Lobster is now one of the luxury dishes but early in the mid 19th century, it was served only for the servants. The lobsters were served frequently in prisons as well. As it was available abundant in earlier days, rich people buy lobsters and feed their servants. But nowadays the demand for lobsters are high and people started consuming it more and hence the price is now very high compared to those time.

Other Celebrations on June 15

June 15 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Lobster Day

Celebrating National Lobster Day is very simple and it depends on how you plan it. You can buy some fresh lobsters and cook a variety of dishes using those lobsters. Then, invite your friends and neighbours to dinner and celebrate this day with the delicious lobsters you cooked. If you are not a good cook, then take your friends and family to a restaurant and order lobster and have it there. Most importantly don’t forget to share your experience in Social forums with the hashtag #HappyNationalLobsterDay.

Thanks for reading this post. Visit and celebrate each and every day and Happy National Lobster Day 2020 to all.

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