National Dump The Pump Day is observed every year on the third Thursday of June. This year, it will be celebrated on the 20th of June. Dump the pump day is observed to create awareness among the people that the fuels won’t last long in the world, and every day, the quantity of petroleum is getting reduced. The demand for petroleum is also increasing day by day. Dump the Pump Day encourages us to take a break from the pump and change the world.

History of National Dump the Pump Day

National Dump the Pump Day is sponsored by the APTA (American Public Transportation Association) and other public transport systems across the world. This day has started to encourage people to reduce the amount of gas they utilize by using private transportation and to make them understand the benefits of public transportation. This day not only encourages you to use public transportation but also other alternatives like hybrid vehicles and electric cars. Using alternative transportation helps to save fuel for future generations.

National Dump The Pump Day

The day can be maximum utilized by not using your car on this day. Avoiding gas on this day will be the best honor you are giving to the efforts put in by the creators of this day. If you can’t avoid gas on this day, then if your family has two or more vehicles, cut it down to one. Using one vehicle per family will also help create awareness of this day. The intention of this day is clear, and every individual’s support is required to make this day a successful one.

Other Celebrations on June 20

June 20 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Dump the Pump Day

Celebrating Dump the Pump Day begins with understanding the need for petroleum and the increasing demand. Use public transportation on this day and encourage others to use an alternative source of transportation. The Dump the Pump Day is meant not only to use alternative transportation on this day but also to use it whenever it is feasible for you. Share your experience on social forums and create awareness by using the hashtag #HappyNationalDumpThePumpDay.

Thanks for reading the post. Celebrate every day with and Happy National Dump The Pump Day 2024!