National Creme Brulee Day is observed on July 27 of each year. Creme brulee is a type of dessert that consists of a creamy custard base and is topped with a contrasting hard caramel layer with some sugar, and it is commonly served at room temperature. The Creme brulee has various other names such as burnt cream, Crema Catalana, and trinity creme. Usually, the custard base will be vanilla flavored but it can also be altered with other flavors like lemon, orange, rosemary, lavender, chocolate, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, cinnamon, coffee, liqueurs, green tea, pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, or other fruit. So enjoy the day with a creme brulee.

Creme Brulee is the ultimate ‘guy’ dessert. Make it and he’ll follow you anywhere.” – Ina Garten

History of National Creme Brulee Day

History and the origination of National Creme Brulee Day are not known. Creme Brulee first appeared in a cookbook written by Francois Massialot in 1691, the name of the book which held the recipe is Cuisinier royal et bourgeois, meaning burnt cream. It was traditionally served in a dish that had the appearance of a small pie called ramekins. Later the recipe disappeared from the French cookbooks. The delicacy became popular in the 1980s, as a symbol of luxury dessert and was the cause of many restaurant booms. It was claimed to be popularised by Sirio Maccioni at his New York restaurant, Le Cirque. 

National Creme Brulee Day

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How to Celebrate the Day

One can find a restaurant that serves the extraordinary creme Brulee and can enjoy this delicious dessert there. People also celebrate this day by getting their friends for a creme Brulee cook-off and check out who can make the delicious one. The Creme Brulee Day encourages you to create your recipes for this delightful dessert. There are multiple versions of Creme Brulee you can try, from the traditional classic Creme Brulee to crema Catalana. So don’t miss this day to explore creme brulee. Post pictures and share your celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #CremeBruleeDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Creme Brulee Day 2023.