National Walk on Stilts Day is observed on July 27 of every year. Stilts are poles that are made with steps for people to rest their feet to stand on, and straps help legs to stay attached to them or can be held in place using the hands, to walk in a height that is elevated from standard height. People traditionally practice these at the circus, festivals, street events, parades, and much more. Walking on stilts is still exercised by many people for religious festivals and at carnivals. This art of walking is slowly diminishing due to its reducing need for it. Today is the right time to have some fun with the stilts.

Those who have made unhappy marriages walk on stilts, while the happy ones are on a level with the crowd. No one sees ’em.” –  Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie

History of National Walk on Stilts Day

The origin, history, creator, and reason for National Walk on Stilts Day are not found yet. But, stilts are found in the archaeological ruins of Ancient Greece that dates back to the 6th century BC. In the 19th century, stilt-walking began in Landes, France. Initially, it was adopted by people of the marshy area to navigate the wet terrain, and it was believed that they did all their daily activities with them. Stilt-jousting was a tradition in Namur, Belgium for over 600 years. Fruit farmers commonly used aluminium stilts. Nowadays, stilts are used by acrobats,  clowns, and other performers of parades, circuses, and other shows. These are helpful in washing large windows, repairing roofs, painting high walls and ceilings,  and a lot more.

National Walk on Stilts Day

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How to celebrate National Walk on Stilts Day

On this day, watch people walk on stilts. You can check for stilt-walking festivals or events that may happen in your local area so you can attend one of them. Spend some time knowing and learning about walking on stilts. If you are fascinated by stilt walking, then you can buy a pair of them and step on them with a lot of practice and by finding your balance. Stilt walking makes your core muscles stronger. So, celebrate the day. Post pictures and share your National Walk on Stilts Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #WalkonStiltsDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Walk on Stilts Day 2023.