National Chili Dog Day is always celebrated on the last Thursday of July every year. In 2023, the day falls on the 27th of July. The chili dog is a hot dog that is served in a bun, and a variety of meat sauce, cheese, onion, mustard are used as a topping. This dish differs from the different regions of the United States and also has its regional names. It is celebrated by all hot dog lovers all around the U.S with the exclusive chili topping. It is often called chili con carne or a coney dog. On this day, buy your favorite chili dog and without any guilt or hesitation stuff them inside your mouth. This chili dog is meant to be eaten with hands, and you could finish it by licking your fingers. A chili dog is waiting for you to be eaten, so get that and eat them whole.

Noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it.” – Laurence J. Peter

History of National Chili Dog Day

History and the origination of National Chili Dog Day are not known. The creator of the day also remains anonymous. But the reason for the creation is apparent that it must have been started to celebrate the American’s favorite dish, i.e., chili dog. The chili dog is believed to be enjoyed for decades. There are many regional variations for this chili dog of which few are Texas wiener, Coney Island hot dog, hot sausage, Michigan hot dog, Cheese coneys, and half-smoke. Texas wiener is found to be one of the oldest version of chili dog that was manufactured in Pennsylvania first, later it was spread to the cities nearby, and it was considered as the unique regional hot dog style. So, mess your hand and mouth to celebrate your region of chili dog.

National Chili Dog Day

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How to celebrate the day

On National Chili Dog Day, celebrate the delicious chili dog by just enjoying them till your heart contents. A summer camping or family outings would be incomplete without the hot dogs, so plan a short summer trip with some hot dogs to eat. The chili dog is one the easiest and quickest dish that can be made, so buy those ingredients for the hot dog and prepare them with the help of available internet recipes. You can also head to your favorite restaurant to eat those chili dogs with all the toppings that you wanted. You can also visit a local hot dog place to try a regional style of hot dog. One can observe the day by hosting a chili dog party by making various available kinds of territorial chili dogs for the guests. This day could be celebrated by tasting the different varieties of chili dog. Post pictures and share your National Chili Dog Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #ChiliDogDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Chili Dog Day 2023.