American Red Cross Giving Day is celebrated on April 21 of every year. American Red Cross has been working for many years to help and support people in need around the world. American red cross provides hope and urgent help like shelter, food, and other requirements to families who need it. It will not be possible without the significant efforts of volunteers. American Red Cross Giving Day honors all of these super-heroes and the tireless work they do to support people and families who have had their lives ravaged by emergencies, disasters, and war.

I’m happy to volunteer for the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet. The Red Cross is an organization that responds to those in need and it is an honor to help them with the lifesaving role they play everyday in communities nationwide.”

History of American Red Cross Giving Day

The day was first established in June 2015. Even there are no disasters, the American red cross will be still working without an end, and it will be prepared for the next great need. Disasters like floods, storms, fires, etc. make people lose everything, during that time Red Cross helps and supports people to find their feet. Other than helping people in need red cross also provides essential resources to educate and prepare many people for times of emergency. More than 15 thousand people learn how to save a life every day through the American red cross. Red Cross also does blood drives to help people who are in need of blood for surgeries and other emergencies. They also help military members, and they help children to get vaccinations against rubella and measles around the world.

American red cross giving day

Other Celebrations on April 18

April 18 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

On the day, you can help a red cross in your area by donating some money. If you cant help them financially, then you can donate some of your time and efforts to help them achieve their goals. Then post pictures and create awareness on social media about the day by using the hashtag #Americanredcrossgivingday.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy American Red Cross Giving Day 2024.