World Zoonoses Day is commemorated on July 6 of every year. The day is marked to raise awareness of the various risks of zoonotic diseases among people and also teach the actions against them. The zoonotic disease can be spread from animals to humans, and it is dangerous to the life of both. It is an epidemic disease, which makes it more dangerous. This disease can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.  Zoonotic diseases are believed to emerge from deforestation, destruction of the ecosystem, increased temperature, etc. There are over 150 zoonotic diseases that are common in wildlife. World Zoonoses Day believes in the fact that it is better to prevent than to cure. Prevention can easily be done through vaccines.

Zoonotic diseases can be especially overwhelming for rural economies.” – SILKE BIRLENBACH

History of World Zoonoses Day

World Zoonosis Day commemorates the success of the creation of the first vaccine against the rabies virus, a zoonotic disease, and it was administrated by Louis Pasteur to Joseph Meister after a rabid dog was mauled him. It happened on July 6, 1885. It is observed every year on the same day as a remembrance and to thank the creator of the vaccine. This disease can spread quickly and can have a higher risk to animals and humans, which makes it essential that people are aware of it.

World Zoonoses Day

Other Celebrations on July 6

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How to celebrate the day

The best way to celebrate World Zoonoses Day is by spreading awareness about the risks of the disease to humans and animals. It can be infected by poultry, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and other domestic and wild animals. Mosquito also carries the virus, and the best way to protect yourself from the disease is by vaccinating yourself and your pets. You can avoid this disease by maintaining good hygiene, protecting yourself from mosquito bites, avoiding scratches from animals, and much more. Post pictures and share your World Zoonoses Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #WorldZoonosesDay.

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