National Apple Turnover Day is celebrated each year on July 5. Apple turnover is a pastry made with apple fillings in pieces of dough that are folded over, sealed, and baked or fried. They are also called hand pies. Apple turnovers are often eaten for breakfast, as a dessert, and sometimes as a snack. Apple turnovers are the most popular kind of turnovers that people around the country primarily enjoy. The other turnover fillings are meats, potatoes, vegetables, cherries, cheese, blueberry, peaches, chocolate, nuts, raisins, species, or any creative food that one can make. The day celebrates this pastry puff that is stuffed with apples. On this day, enjoy this simple yet delicious pastry.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – Martin Luther

History of National Apple Turnover Day

The research could not find the creator or origin of National Apple Turnover Day. But this pastry is believed to be first made in the 19th century. The turnovers were first served as a fruit-filled turnover. These turnovers were called portable pies because they fitted in one’s hand and were easily carried from place to place. They are still sometimes called hand-held pies. This apple-filled pastry is enjoyed widely by the people of the United States for breakfast or brunch.

National Apple Turnover Day

Other Celebrations on July 5

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How to celebrate the day

National Apple Turnover Day is celebrated by treating yourself to one of the best American treats, i.e., the apple turnovers. Recipes of apple turnovers can be easily accessed online, so try a recipe and share them with your kith and kin. This day encourages everyone to make and eat fresh apple turnovers. If you are an apple turnover lover, take this day as an excuse to fill your stomach with them. Share your favorite recipe on social media and motivate others to celebrate the day by making the turnovers.

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