Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day is commemorated on July 6 of every year. On the day, appreciate and show gratitude to your webmaster for helping you work smoothly throughout the day. This day would make them feel special and loved and will help them get a new excitement to do their job even better. Webmasters are the ones who create and manage the content and organization of a website and maintain the server of the computers and other technical aspects of a site. These people will be experts in dealing with html, debugging a website, etc. Every organization needs an efficient webmaster for the smooth function of its website. A webmaster will be the first person to help you in solving the problems connected to the web. On this day try understanding the job and importance of webmasters in a company. Take them for lunch and have a pleasant conversation with them.

During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” –  Al Gore

History of Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day was created by Thomas & Ruth Roy, under the Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. This holiday is listed on wellcat.com. They created this fun holiday to appreciate and thank the webmasters. So on this day understand the significance of the webmaster’s role in an organization and the efforts made by them to help the company run efficiently. But these people are often assumed to be geeks, and their work are not recognized and rewarded, so it’s time to acknowledge their hard work by treating them with a meal along with a good conversation.

Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

Other Celebrations on July 6

July 6 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

The simple way to celebrate Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day is by doing what the day says, just take your webmaster for lunch or any meal. Welcome them to the office with flowers, coffees, or pastries. You can also gift them a voucher for their spa. If your webmaster works from outside, then send them some gifts and kind words through a letter or certificate. On taking Your Webmaster To Lunch Day, be thankful for your webmaster and his skills and knowledge. Organize a team lunch with your webmaster and with foods from your webmaster’s favorite restaurant or cuisine. Recognize and appreciate the work done by your webmaster and help them have a good day. Post pictures and share your Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #TakeYourWebmasterToLunchDay.

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