Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is an annual observance held on the First Saturday Every May. It falls on May 7th of this year. Every year, thousands of hectares of forest lands are being depleted by wildfire. In the forest as well as countrysides, wildfire is a common occurrence due to natural or human-made mistakes. When the wildfire is left unnoticed, it destroys not only the forest land but also the plants, year-old trees, and even those wild animals living over there. Thus Wildfire Community Preparedness Day has been created in a way to educate people on how these devasting wildfires can be prevented and things to do when in such a situation.

“It is known that wildfires behave unpredictably – this is fundamental – but it is my experience that humans in the presence of wildfire are also likely to behave in aberrant and unpredictable ways.” – Michael Leunig

History of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

The Wildfire Community Preparedness Day has been observed since 2013. National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has established this observance. The wildfire’s history cannot be exactly found out as they have been in existence before human history. Wildfires occurrence can be due to many reasons, and it includes both natural and human activities. Natural causes may include lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, or the rocks that fall in landslides or from the cliff faces. Discarded cigarettes, sparks coming out from the work equipment, and arsonists are a few of the causes of man-made wildfires. Irrespective of the reason, it is important for the communities to prevent the wildfire and hence NFPA has come up with such an idea of observance.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

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How to Celebrate the day

Celebrating the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is quite simple. You can take a walk in your nearby forest to observe its beauty. Clear off the things left by people carelessly which may cause the fire. Make sure you are putting off the fire you have lit at any time properly. Indulge yourself to work with the volunteers to ensure the forest is safe from the wildfires. Lend your support and act positively to help others once after the post-wildfire impacts. It is the best time to teach people around you about the dangers of wildfire and the effects of any careless activities and their effects on the wildlife, wildlife, and entire ecosystems of the forest. Share your awareness and the impacts of wildfire on social media using the hashtag #WildfireCommunityPreparednessDay.

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