Petite And Proud Day

Petite And Proud Day is celebrated on the May 4 of every year. Petite And Proud Day is all about celebrating the lack of our height and the advantages it brings. Generally, the short people can squeeze into the small spaces with ease. Unlike Taller people, they don’t bang their head on the low ceilings, and they can fit in children’s clothing. The shorter people also live longer than the taller people. Hence May 4 is a day to celebrate the short people and the advantages of being shorter.

What?! I’m not small! It’s the world that’s too big!” – Hiromu Arakawa

History of Petite And Proud Day

The exact origin and founder of Petite And Proud Day are still unknown. Whoever may be the creator, the day is created to celebrate the short people and the advantages of being shorter. Some of the advantages of being shorter are listed below.

Petite And Proud Day
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Petite And Proud Day 2018

Advantages of Being Short & Petite

  • You can squeeze everywhere.
  • Standing on your tiptoes is proper training for high heels.
  • You will have excellent crowd weaving skills.
  • You will earn the pole position automatically in every group picture.
  • You never have to worry about low ceilings or blocking someone’s view.
  • You can save money by buying kids clothes.
  • Finding a taller guy is no big deal.
  • You can sleep comfortably in any bed, and you will have more leg room always.
  • You will have a great perspective on life!

Other Celebrations on May 4

May 4 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Petite And Proud Day

Petite and Proud Day is all about honouring the advantages of being a shorter person, such as squeezing into tight places and being able to fit in children’s clothing with ease. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about the day by using the hashtag #PetiteandProudDay.

Thank You for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Petite And Proud Day 2019.

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