The United Nations Public Service Day is observed on June 23 of every year. The day celebrates the value and virtue of public service to the community. It rewards creative achievements and highlights the contribution of public service worldwide. The day encourages the member states to organize special events to promote the role, professionalism, and visibility of public service in the development process.

The best way to promote and protect opportunity is through collaboration, consensus-building, and pragmatic problem-solving. Throughout nearly 30 years of public service, I have approached tough challenges by making room for as many people as possible around the table in search of common ground.” – Thomas E. Perez

United Nations Public Service Day

History of United Nations Public Service Day

The origin and history of the day are not known, but this day is celebrated on 23rd June since the year 2002. United Nations General Assembly created the Public Service Day by using a special logo. In 2003, the first Awards Ceremony was conducted and since then, the United Nations has received an increasing number of submissions worldwide. The logo features a projection of a world map centered on the North Pole, enclosed by olive branches to indicate peace among people and the world map represents all the people of the world. It also recognizes that democracy and successful governance which are built on the foundation of competent civil service. The main aim of the day is to celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community.

United Nations Public Service Day

Other Celebrations on June 23

June 23 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

Observe the United Nations Public Service Day by organizing special events to encourage the role, professionalism, visibility, and contribution of public service in the development process. It encourages people from around the world to take concerning action to recognize the work of public servants and inspires young people to pursue careers in the public sector. This type of special event encourages people all over the world to improve fundamental human rights in homes and medical treatment. Also, people who work with Volunteers in Fire Departments and Ambulance Corps are involved in providing services like these, and serving the security of our homes and ourselves every day. Share your thoughts about the day with others on social media using the hashtag #UnitedNationsPublicServiceDay or #PublicServiceDay.

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