Positive Thinking Day is celebrated on September 13th of every year. Are you an optimist? If the answer is yes, then the celebration of this day honors you. Celebrate this day more joyously. If the answer from you is no, then it’s time for you to throw away all your negative thoughts. The day encourages you to carry a can-do-attitude.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

History of Positive Thinking Day

An American entrepreneur introduced Positive Thinking Day (PTD) in the year 2003. The commemoration of the day celebrates the benefits of positive thinking. Set aside all your negative thoughts and start thinking only about the positive things. The goal of positive thinking ensures you with the influence of a long-term optimistic attitude. There is a saying that a negative mind will not achieve positive results. The pessimistic thoughts often occur as a result of stress and struggle faced by a person in his daily life. The positive action combined with positive thinking will result in success. With the PTD, you can let out the stress and feel things light with positive thoughts filled in your mind and heart. Positive thoughts not only reduce your stress but it also improves your lifestyle. It is essential to develop a positive attitude to attain success.

Positive Thinking Day

Other Celebrations on September 13

September 13 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

Celebrating Positive Thinking Day is very simple. Start your day with positive thoughts. For example, say some affirmations like this day is going to be a good day. Smile as much as you can to get positive energy. Hang out with the optimistic person. Listen to good music when you are a bit low. Read or watch positive and motivational books and movies. You can encourage people around to think about positive things. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #PositiveThinkingDay.

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