NameTag Day

NameTag Day is celebrated on March 8th of this year. It is an annual celebration held on the Thursday of the first full week of Every March. In the fast-moving world, we don’t find any time to talk and connect with the fellow people whom we meet in everyday life of us. In another way, some people feel alone with an invisible barrier. As a way to bridge this gap, NameTag Day has been created and celebrated. The celebration Day encourages all of us to wear a nametag irrespective of whomever you be, wherever you be, and whatever you are doing. So introduce and connect with the new people who are wearing a nametag.

“A human being’s name is a principle component of his person, perhaps a piece of his soul.” – Sigmund Freud

History of NameTag Day

The NameTag Day has been created by the Onomatology Hobbyist named Jerry Hill. It is been in celebration since the year 1997. The NameTag Day is just a part of an entire name week celebration called Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW). The celebration Day encourages people to wear a “Hello, I’m [your name here]” nametag as a way to visually announce “Look at me!” to the world around us. NameTag Day aims to breaks the barrier between the people by spontaneity and silliness and thereby strengthens the human element of the urban experience. It is the best time for anyone to get connected with the people whom you have forgotten and missed a conversation with them. On this Day you can rename yourself or just wear a name other than your own to celebrate.

NameTag Day

NameTag Day

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How to Celebrate NameTag Day

The best way to celebrate NameTag Day is to wear a name tag of yours. Give a chance for others to call you by your name as Name is an integral part of any person. You are not only encouraged to wear a nametag with your name, but you must also encourage others to do the same. It is also the time for you to look at other person’s nametag to get introduced to new people around you. Make sure you have introduced to as many people as you can in your office or community. It is a must to remember all the names and the person for later conversations. If you find any unique names then get to research about those names to find some interesting story about it. Add your photos with your nametag and the views about this celebration on the social media sites using the hashtag #NameTagDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy NameTag Day 2018.