Love Your Produce Manager Day is celebrated on April 2 of every year. The day is to appreciate the grocery store’s produce manager who is wholly responsible for creating and maintaining the produce display. They also have to work within those guidelines and also to optimize the sales and the net profit of their department. In spite of this, these managers deal with introducing and experimenting with new products in their department. Produce managers also aim at offering better customer service in the supermarket produce departments. It is a good day to say thanks to those men and women who help us get the freshest produce to eat.

I never make a trip to the United States without visiting a supermarket. To me they are more fascinating than any fashion salon.” – Wallis Simpson

History of Love Your Produce Manager Day

The day is said to have been celebrated around the country since 2012. The United States will be celebrating it’s 8th Love Your Produce Manager Day by this year. The creator of the day remains unknown. It must be observed to acknowledge the hard work put in by the product managers to bring the best produce from around the world to its customers.

Love Your Produce Manager Day

Other Celebrations on April 2

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How to celebrate the day

The day can be marked by showing some love to your manager for keeping the variety of products, introducing new products to the department, and also helping you pick out what you need. On this day take a look at your supermarket display and if you find it appreciable, send a word to your produce manager for helping you have a good shopping experience. The Day will motivate the produce manager to do better each day. Post photos and share your thoughts on social media about Love Your Produce Manager Day by using the hashtag #LoveYourProduceManagerDay.

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