National Ferret Day is celebrated on April 2 of every year. Ferret is a domesticated pet found in brown, black, white, or mixed fur. These animals are rarely used for hunting but are increasingly grown as pets. Ferrets are often owned by people who are allergic or less fond of cats and dogs. National Ferret Day is a day to educate people about life and the intelligent companion. Ferrets are very affectionate, tend to bond with their owners, and stay silent for a significant part of the day, but this animal has a negative image in the public mind. It is also a day to create awareness about ferret welfare, care, nutrition, and responsible ownership.

Do come back and draw the ferrets, they are the most lovely noble darlings in the world.” – D. H. Lawrence

History of National Ferret Day

National Ferret Day was started to be celebrated in 2014. This day was first officially recognized by Chase’s Calendar of Events. But even before this, a woman named Carol Roche, a ferret lover unofficially recognized this day several years ago. She is believed to be the one who first owned this animal as a pet and also the reason to spread the information about the affectionate creature. The American Ferret Association is also responsible for the creation of the day.

National Ferret Day

Other Celebrations on April 2

April 2 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

During the day make sure you spend more time with your pet grooming, playing, and reading about them. Even if you do not own a ferret, today is the best day to learn about this animal, as very few have the right knowledge about the animal. Take your ferret a visit to your local park or pet shop where you can meet other ferret lovers, just to hang out and educate others about ferrets. There are many misconceptions about this animal, and its owner’s responsibility to spread the word so people can know what great pets they are. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about National Ferret Day by using the hashtag #FerretDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Ferret Day 2023.