Humbug Day is an annual observance celebrated on December 21st of every year. With few days left for the festive, preparation for making it a successful celebration takes a lot of patience. The Xmas-to-do-list expands in number. Finally, on seeing the list, the frustration one gets cannot be expressed in a few words. Bah humbug… Of course, there would be many who start feeling like Scrooge. Humbug Day is celebrated to let out the frustration one has before Christmas. The celebration Day allows everyone who is preparing for Christmas to vent out their frustrations.

“We must have humbug, we all like humbug, we couldn’t get on without humbug.” – Charles Dickens

History of Humbug Day

The exact year in which Humbug Day was first celebrated is unknown. Thomas & Ruth Roy of has created this celebration Day. They have created this Day to let people who are preparing for the Festivus let out the stress of the holiday season. According to Thomas & Ruth Roy, before Christmas, people are allowed to blow off twelve humbugs on this Day. Those involved in making this festival a grand celebration would need to start shaping it from the best plan. Then they must go shopping, wrap it for the guests, decorate the house and Xmas tree, spend lots of bucks, and much more. All these will bring frustration and stress. So, Humbug day is the best opportunity to curse all those moments which made you say Bah Humbug. Celebrate this Day and let out your pressure and make sure you return to your original state the next day. In modern practice, “Humbug” is a word that is most associated with Ebenezer Scrooge, a character created by Charles Dickens. Scrooge is a cold-hearted person who dislikes Christmas. The Day is also called Don’t be a Scrooge Day. If you feel a bit like Scrooge, then this Day is just for you.

Humbug Day

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How to Celebrate Humbug Day

It’s the best day to let out your holiday pressure and Christmas frustration. Make your best in the Festivus preparation. Encourage yourself and the people who are preparing for Christmas. You can even help them and make them relax for some time. Watch the films like Scrooge, Christmas with the Cranks, and other humbug-related movies on this Day to let out the pressure. Have a positive feeling as whatever you do to make the celebration a better one is the best of all. Share your Bah Humbug moments on social media using the hashtag #HumbugDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Humbug Day 2023.