Crossword puzzles are the most general and popular game around the world. Crossword puzzles will help you to improve your vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Solving Crossword puzzles in the morning with coffee will speed up your brain before getting to work. Crossword Puzzle Day is the perfect day to sharpen your pencil and your mind.

Spending waiting moments doing crossword puzzles or reading a book you brought yourself.” – Marilyn vos Savant

History of Crossword Puzzle Day

The exact origin and the founder of this day are still unknown. Initially, they were like a kind of simple stuff where a group of words is arranged so that the letters will be read alike vertically and horizontally. They have printed in children’s puzzle books and some of the periodicals. In later days, it became a serious pastime for adults in the US. A journalist from Liverpool named Arthur Wynne was the inventor or creator of Crossword Puzzles Games. The first crossword puzzle was released in the “Newyork World” newspaper on December 21, 1913. The First appearance of the puzzle games in a British publication was in Pearson’s Magazine in February of 1922. The British Puzzles had grown on their own style and were considered to be harder than US puzzles as the days went on.

Crossword Puzzle Day

First-Ever Crossword Puzzle

If you ever wonder how the first-ever crossword puzzle looks, here is an image of it.

Crossword Puzzle Day
Crossword Puzzle Day
Crossword Puzzle Day

Other Celebrations on December 21

December 21 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

Celebrate Puzzle Day by creating a crossword puzzle of your own or entering your national crossword tournament of choice. Crossword competitions are not a joke at all; the prizes and competitions get very venomous, with competitions awarding prizes in massive amounts. So Puzzle Day is a day to get out there and involved in a new hobby and improve your vocabulary. Post pictures and share your thoughts about the day on social media by using the hashtag #CrosswordPuzzleDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Crossword Puzzle Day 2023.