False Teeth Day is celebrated on March 9 of every year. False teeth are known as dentures. Dentures are artificial devices that are constructed to replace missing teeth; they are supported by the soft & hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable; wholly and partially removable dentures. However, there are many denture designs, some of which rely on clasping onto teeth or dental implants. These teeth are widely made of porcelain and plastic; porcelain will make one feel similar to natural teeth. Dentures can help you better chewing, speaking, and looking. Your tooth health will tell more about your health. So this day is celebrated to remind everyone to take care of their dental health before it is late.

Whenever they are condemning weaves or breast implants, some people speak so passionately that their false teeth almost fall out.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

History of False Teeth Day

There is no specific history behind the creation of False Teeth Day. The creator and the reason behind the creation are also unknown. This day must be created to stress the fact about the removal of teeth due to dental diseases and the necessity to have a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. False teeth day warns everybody to have good dental health so that you need not be the person with fake teeth. Dentures are believed to exist from the 15th Century. Wooden full dentures were invented in Japan around the early 16th century. The first porcelain dentures were made around 1770 by Alexis Duchateau. In 1820, Samuel Stockton, a goldsmith by trade, began manufacturing high-quality porcelain dentures mounted on 18-carat gold plates. Later awareness was created and the falling of natural teeth in the age of  65–74 was gradually reduced.

False Teeth Day 2018 - March 9

Other Celebrations on March 9

March 9 is also celebrated as

Dentures are a common defect that you can find in most people. A lot of popular celebrities are having dentures and they all are undergoing treatment for that. Some of the celebrities wore full dentures too. When you take a list of celebrities who wore full dentures, you will find a few surprising names. Ben Affleck, who was cast as The Batman in Justice League, wore full dentures for a period of time and then switched to dental crowns. Emma Watson, the beloved Hermonie Granger, also wore dentures to hide baby teeth during The Harry Potter shootings.

How to Celebrate the Day

Celebrate False Teeth Day by fixing an appointment with a dentist. Learn about dental care and ways to protect your teeth from falling and share that knowledge with your grandparents and other older adults. Resolve to take steps to maintain your dental health from this day. Start following a few teeth cleaning techniques and a healthy lifestyle. Post pictures and share your opinions on social media about False Teeth Day by using the hashtag #FalseTeethDay.

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