Clean Out Your Computer Day

Clean Out Your Computer Day is an annual celebration observed on February 12th of this year. When was the last time you have cleaned your computer? Have you ever tried cleaning your computer both internally and externally? If not then take some time from your busy schedule to clean out those unwanted files, folders and the dust present on your computer. All those unwanted things will lower your computer’s performance, and it is indeed must to clean off. Clean Out Your Computer Day is celebrated as a way to remind to take care of your computer as a whole.

“Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed will revolutionize the way we learn.” – Steve Jobs

History of Clean Out Your Computer Day

The history, origin, founder, and the year from when the Clean Out Your Computer Day has been in the celebration are unknown. It is celebrated on the second Monday in every February. We suspect that someone or a group of people who are in the field of computers would have come up with this Day. The  Day was sponsored by the Institute of Business Technology from 2000. As the storage of a computer is vast, we don’t often delete unwanted files and folders. These unused data will clog the memory and lowers the performance while retrieving other data. Also, the dust particles present on the outside and inside will also impact the computer’s performance. So it is the right time to switch off the system to clean off all these from your computer to improve your working.

Clean Out Your Computer Day

Clean Out Your Computer Day

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How to Celebrate Clean Out Your Computer Day

The best way to celebrate the Clean Out Your Computer Day is clean off your computer. Take a look at an expert video that demonstrates how to clean the dust in the hardware parts. Put off your computer and start to clean it to get into the spirit of the day. Now switch on your computer and organize your files and folders. Delete duplicate and junk files and also the old files and programs which you are no more using. Reboot your computer and see how faster it is working. Make everyone around you do it as to celebrate this Day. You can share your views about this Day on the social media using the hashtag #CleanOutYourComputerDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Clean Out Your Computer Day 2018.