Appreciate A Dragon Day is an annual celebration observed on January 16th of every year. Dragons are legendary creatures that resemble mostly snakes and lizards. Most often, dragons are portrayed as an animal that causes destruction to humans and other living beings. Besides this, there are also some good and friendly ones. These animals currently exist in books, TV, museums, literature, and in the imagination. Over the years, so many dragons have been created. Appreciate A Dragon Day encourages people all over the world to explore mythical creatures and their cultural significance in society and history.

“I think being a dragon would be pretty awesome… you get to fly.” – Josh Keaton

History of Appreciate A Dragon Day

Appreciate A Dragon Day has been celebrated since the year 2004. Donita K. Paul has established this special day to appreciate the dragons who are thought to be alive and the ones who are living in literature and imagination. She has created such a Day to celebrate the release of her book, DragonSpell. The dragon is considered to be a powerful symbol in mythology. They were believed to have fascinated groups for several centuries. Dragons are typically scaled or fire-spewing and highly intelligent. They also have wings, and a few others are poisonous.

Appreciate A Dragon Day

Some of them have more than one head or tail, and others have scales and horns. They were found to be mostly envisaged as serpents in antiquity. Dragons have been featured in the myths of several cultures from around the world. The traditions of dragons have two distinct cultural significances. The European dragon has derived from European folk traditions. It ultimately related to the Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies. The second is the Chinese dragon, which has equivalents in Japan, Korea, and other East Asian countries.

Other Celebrations on January 16

January 16 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Appreciate A Dragon Day

There are numerous ways available in which Appreciate A Dragon Day can be celebrated. As it is a Day for literature, you can indulge in reading books that let you know more about the dragons, their history, origin, and historical significance. Let out your creativity to paint, draw, or make dragon pictures. Tell your children a story of the dragons. You can even organize a dragon puppet show in a nearby location. Start collecting stuffed dragons, and you can take pictures and share them on social media using the hashtag #AppreciateADragonDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with, and Happy Appreciate A Dragon Day 2024.