National Say Something Nice Day is an annual celebration held on June 1st. Words we are speaking will obviously bring so much effect. So every other word you speak should be something pleasant to hear. It is important to say something nice to others for a positive effect. Look at only the good things of others and convey them as the words you utter and make the people who listen to it feel good. You are encouraged to say something nice as it is National Say Something Nice Day. Let it be anyone you meet, tell nice things, be kind to the people on this very special Day to spread cheer, happiness, and bring out some goodwill in their life.

“Be honest, be nice, be a flower, not a weed.” – Aaron Neville

History of National Say Something Nice Day

The National Say Something Nice Day has been in celebration since the year 2006. The Day has found to be originated in North Charleston of South Carolina. Mayor Keith Summey has proclaimed this Day on June 1st. North Charleston and Charleston Mayors came together with members of the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery along with the South Baptist Convention have jointly established Say Something Nice Day. On this day, you are encouraged to be kind and say something nice to all those special people of their life. Open up your communication channel by telling those good in everyone. Say Something Nice Day has been created after the inspiration of Mitchell Carnell’s book named Say Something Nice – Be a Lifter @ Work. 

National Say Something Nice Day

The book motivates people to be the lifters. A lifter is a person who sees only the positive things and always says something nice to whoever they meet. In such a way, the book inspires people to lift other people up and does not put them down. Being kind will win the interaction with others as kind words are associated with positivity. Spread happiness and joy in the life of others by saying something nice about them or things. Telling good things will keep the speaker as well as the listener healthy which thereby will result in happy and long life. In simple, the Day is a just against unkindness, bullying and the lack of being polite.

Other Celebrations on June 1

June 1 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Say Something Nice Day

Celebrating the National Say Something Nice Day is quite simple. Say something nice on this Day to indulge in this celebration. Tell the positives of all the people you meet on this to make them bliss. Leave a note with good words to all your people on this Day. Let your enmities stay away for a day, and you are simply asked to look at the good things. If you are not able to say something nice, then it’s better to be quite rather then telling something bad. Simply, it cost nothing to say something nice. Share your good words with others in social media using the hashtag #SaySomethingNiceDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Say Something Nice Day 2021.

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