Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day is observed on August 28 of every year. It’s almost unresistible – when a computer is slow to load, and when a user is waiting for something to happen, they can’t hold the urge to play with the mouse and the cursor. The day symbols this by encouraging the people to add too much together with their cursor.

History of Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day

The creator of this innovative day is still not found. Clean your mouse and mouse pad, while you’re at it. Check your mouse cursor. Still not happy with it? Take this day as a good opportunity to upgrade something a little funkier.

Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day

Other Celebrations on August 28

August 28 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

Celebrating the day is easy and simple. Just check the mouse if it needs to be replaced and upgraded. Clean the computer and mouse pads if you are in a cleaning mood. Create awareness about this holiday and make them replace the bad mouse and upgrade it with their facility. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #RaceYourMouseAroundTheIconsDay.

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