National Pretzel Day is celebrated on April 26 of every year. A pretzel is a type of baked food product that is made from dough; there are two varieties of soft pretzel bread like pretzels and hard crunchy pretzels. Pretzels are available in many flavors from savory to sweet flavors, and pretzels commonly look like a twisted knot. Pretzels are believed to be originated in Europe in the Early Middle Ages, and Catholic monks possibly created it in monasteries. They are one of the oldest types of snacks on the globe, Pretzels don’t look very rich, but they taste super delicious. A bag of salty, and crunchy pretzels or a soft, tasty pretzel both are excellent choices for the day.

My mother always said, ‘When you’re eating pretzels, chew before you swallow’. Always listen to your mother.” – George W. Bush.

History of National Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day was founded in the year 2003 by Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania Governor. He announced that 26th April would be observed as “National Pretzel Day” every year to recognize the significance of the pretzel to the state’s economy and history. The Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought pretzels in the 19th century to North America. During that time, various handmade pretzel bakeries were started in central Pennsylvania, and they became popular quickly. Now Pennsylvania is the center of pretzel production in America for both the soft bread and hard crispy varieties of pretzels, Pennsylvania produces about 80% of America’s pretzels. In the 20th century, soft pretzels became very popular in places like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Hard crispy pretzels are different from the original soft pretzels. According to myth, a Pennsylvania baker in the 1600s forgot a few pretzels in the oven. The over-baked pretzels were hard and looked dark then the baker sampled one of that hard over-baked pretzels. After tasting it, he was surprised by the delicious taste of the crunchy pretzel. Today, Hard crunchy pretzels are one of the famous snack foods. The traditional shape of the pretzel is a unique asymmetrical form, with the ends of a strip of dough intertwist and in a certain way then twisted back into itself. The unique knot-like shape of the traditional soft pretzels is believed to indicate folded hands during prayers. Another myth says that pretzels represented the bond of marriage and the phrase ‘tying the knot’ emerged from that.

National Pretzel Day

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How to Celebrate National Pretzel Day

Celebrate National Pretzel Day by trying different varieties of Pretzel like cinnamon sugar, sweet almond, roasted garlic, parmesan, etc. at a pretzel store near your area. Some pretzel stores also offer free Pretzel on this day. At home, you can even try baking your pretzels. Take pictures while enjoying Pretzels and share them with others on social media using the hashtag #PretzelDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Pretzel Day 2024.