Polar Bear Swim Day is an annual fun celebration held on January 1st of every year. Imagine how it will be when you put your body into the ice-cold water in the chilly winter season? You will be frozen and get shivers. Well on the first day of the year, you are encouraged to take a bath in the snow or ice-covered water body despite the low temperature. The activity is sometimes done to raise money for charity and is also done as a traditional fun activity. Take an exhilarating dip to feel the winter on the local water body and celebrate the day in a more fun-filled way.

“Swimming is my passion and something that I love.” – Natalie du Toit

History of Polar Bear Swim Day

The first celebration of the day was held in the year 1904. In the Polar Bear Swims, participants will jump into a cold water body. It is done both as a fun activity and also to raise funds for charity purposes. A Polar bear swim or polar bear plunge is an event held during the winter season usually. The participants will fall into the cold water body to take a cold bath. In the United States, polar bear swims are done to raise money for charitable organizations. The polar bear swims in Canada are usually held on New Year’s Day to celebrate the new year. Vancouver’s annual Polar Bear Swim Club is the largest and oldest Polar Bear Club in the world that is been active since 1920. Several registered participants every New Year’s Day take part in the Polar Bear Swim in the English Bay in 2000.

Polar Bear Swim Day

Other Celebrations on January 1

January 1 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Sign up for the Polar Bear Swims organized at your nearest location. Get into the cold water to take a deep refreshment bath. Be a part of the fundraising movement and help someone. Enjoy the freezing point for a few seconds. Share your celebration photos on social media using the hashtag #PolarBearSwimDay.

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