World Play Your Ukulele Day is celebrated on February 2 of every year. Play Your Ukulele Day was first observed in 2011. The ukulele is also sometimes known as a uke. It is a four-stringed musical instrument. It was first popular in Hawaii in the late 19th century. In Hawaiian, the term Ukulele means jumping flea. In the 1880s, this device came into existence. Since its origination, World Play Your Ukulele Day has been celebrated every year all around the globe with the slogan “Bring the world together, four strings at a time.

I love the ukulele. It’s got a beautiful, melodic tone to it. There’s something innocent and romantic, and it’s just a grand instrument to play.” – Pierce Brosnan.

History of World Play Your Ukulele Day

The origin and history of this day are still unknown. This four-stringed instrument originated from the Madeira region in Portugal, and it was called the machete. It is believed that Portuguese migrants invented the ukulele in Hawaii. In the 20th century, the ukulele came to the mainland United States, becoming the primary instrument in the jazz music and dance scene in the 1920s. This device played an essential role in helping to strengthen Canada’s music programs because it was an affordable way to introduce students to music and was extremely practical in teaching and promoting musical literacy. This day is also sometimes known as International Play Your Ukulele Day and World Ukulele Day.

World Play Your Ukulele Day 2018 - February 2

Other Celebrations on February 2

February 2 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

If you know how to play the Ukulele, then just take out your ukulele on this day and enjoy playing it. If you are interested in determining how to play the Ukulele, then take this day as an opportunity to get a Ukulele at a music instrument store and learn to play it. Also, take pictures while playing the Ukulele and share them with others on social media using the hashtag #PlayYourUkuleleDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate daily with and Happy World Play Your Ukulele Day 2024.