International Plastic Bag Free Day is observed all around the world on July 3 of every year. International Plastic Bag Free Day emphasizes the plastic bag-free world and spreads awareness about the devastating effects of plastics on the environment. On this day support and outspread the alternatives for single-use plastic bags such as recyclable bags, cloth bags, canvas bags, and a lot more, which may help in saving the environment and animals. Many organizations and thousands of responsible citizens are working together to raise awareness of the impact of plastic bags and encourage the use of other eco-friendly bags. To make a plastic bag-free world, it is essential to teach the public about the effects of throwing plastic into the environment and must help to change their behavior. It is not possible to clean all the plastic pollution in the world until a permanent solution is implemented for the issue. It is in the hands of each and everyone on the globe to make a plastic bag-free society possible. Join together as one to stop plastic pollution at the source.

It’s when plastic takes on a life of its own that the food chain will be disrupted.” –  Anthony T. Hincks

History of International Plastic Bag Free Day

Origination of the International Plastic Bag Free Day is not found yet. But the importance of the day is very intense that it must be observed for its hazardous effects on the planet. The plastic bag takes nearly 100-500 years to decompose completely leaving tiny particles releasing harmful chemicals into the environment, and 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed every year around the world. Due to their lightweight, plastic bags travel a long way in water and land, and only 1% of total plastic produced is recycled. So this day is a global initiative to eradicate or reduce the use of these dangerous plastics and to make people aware of cleaning, dumping, and disposing of these plastic bags. We must foresee the future dangers that will soon affect the marine and land ecosystems. Few solutions to the problem are, to stop the use of plastic bags, the government can ban, lay a tax, or form other agreements on the use of plastic bags, adopt eco-friendly bags that are already available in the market, help clean wastes that have been thrown irresponsibly for years.

International Plastic Bag Free Day

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How to celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day

Celebrate the day by organizing or taking part in raising awareness to stop the usage of single-use plastic bags. Make a famous personality speak about the day or encourage them to join a cleaning campaign. Never throw or let people throw a plastic bag into nature. One can help in conducting a workshop based on using reusable plastic bags. Be creative and do an action plan to get the issue into the spotlight. Recycle all the bags in your house and at the workplace. On this day get out of your house and volunteer to clean up some mess of plastic bags on the streets and in the ocean. There are many organizations that organize such events on this day, if not time donate some money to them. Adopt the habit of using reusable bags for any shopping you do. Learn about the significant role you must play in saving the planet, and share that with your friends, passers-by, the local shopper, etc. Say No to Plastics and do your part to make this place a better one for future generations. Take pictures of your activities and share them on social media using #PlasticBagFreeDay.

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