National Plant A Flower Day is celebrated on March 12th of every year. The earth we live in has many beautiful and fascinating things, and undoubtedly flowers are one among them. The vibrant color, sweet scent, and soft petals of the flowers will make anyone love it. Flowers have been used for various purposes, and not one of the occasions will be without them. With the Spring soon approaching, it is good to welcome the season by planting a flower indoor or outdoor. National Plant A Flower Day is such a special day in the calendar that is dedicated to the planting of flowers as a way to celebrate the flowers and soon approaching spring.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval

History of National Plant A Flower Day

The history and the origin of the National Plant A Flower Day are unknown. The founder and first observance of Plant A Flower Day are also anonymous. However, we could think that the founder of this Day has come up with such an idea out of love for planting flowers. The Day aims to encourage people to plant flowers in the garden or yard. So let your fingernails little dirt today and plant a flower by knowing the right flowering plant that grows in your zone. Breathe some fresh air filled with the scented smell of the flowers you have planted. Flower gardening can be done by anyone from young and old as it is a great hobby and gives good relaxation to both soul and mind. Fill up your garden with planting flowers to get into the spirit of celebration. Flowers or blossoms have been around us for millions of years, and they have been used widely in every other events and function throughout one’s lifetime. There are 400,000 flowering plant species present in the world and they have been used for decorative to medicinal purposes.

National Plant A Flower Day

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How to Celebrate National Plant A Flower Day

Celebrating the National Plant A Flower Day is very simple. Take this Day as the best start to plant flowers in your garden or backyard. The foremost thing one must notice before planting any flowering plant is to find if it suits the climatic condition and soil of your zone. Place the right plant in the right place as some grow well inside the pot and some in shady places and a few others need sunlight. Enjoy planting flowers to feel fresh and relaxed whenever you see or visit your garden. Water them and take away the weeds around them to let the plants grow well. Collect the flowers from your garden to make them useful in some way like using it to decorate your house. Those who have planted flowers can take this Day to make sure your flowering plants are in good condition. Encourage your children and family to plant their own flowers and take care of them. Share your Plant A Flower Day celebrations and photos on social media using the hashtag #PlantAFlowerDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Plant A Flower Day 2024.