Fill Our Staplers Day falls on March 11th of this year. It is an annual celebration observed on Monday of the second full week of every March. Many simple things literally make anyone angry like the stapler that runs out of staples. There is nothing more annoying than the stapler without the pin that too when it is happening on the hectic schedule. Undoubtedly, it is such a serious problem faced by many of us. Thus as to draw out a solution to this serious tragic problem, Fill Our Staplers Day has been created and celebrated.

“The paper, the stapler, the staples, the tape. It makes me sick. Physical things. Forty years of loving someone becomes staples and tape.” – Jonathan Safran Foer

History of Fill Our Staplers Day

The Fill Our Staplers Day was created by the Dull Men’s Club. The year from when this day was celebrated is, however, unknown. The celebration day falls on two days in a year: one is the day after clocks change from daylight saving time in November, and the next is the day after clocks change to daylight saving time in March. Fill Our Staplers Day aims to answer what to do when you run out of staples. The celebration Day encourages all the people, especially the office workers to fill the empty stapler as a way to depreciate the chances of a workplace crisis. A stapler is a mechanical device used to join the pages of paper or similar material by pressing a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding at the ends. Staplers are most widely used in every other place, including government offices, business places, offices, homes, and schools, to staple the papers.

Fill Our Staplers Day

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How to Celebrate Fill Our Staplers Day

It’s better to stay away from the tension of filling out the stapler when you are doing some important work. So take this Day as the best opportunity to refill your staplers. Filling out the staplers in this situation will work out even if you aren’t able to find the spare stapler. Encourage others especially the office workers to fill out their staplers to get into the spirit of celebration. Share your pictures with your staplers on this Day on social media using the hashtag #FillOurStaplersDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Fill Our Staplers Day 2024.