National Baked Scallops Day is an annual food feast celebrated on March 12th. Although there are a plethora of non-vegetarian foods available, it is sometimes good to taste the finger-licking seafood cuisines. Baked Scallops is one best of its kind loved and tested by millions of people. The soft fleshy texture and the incomparable taste of this shellfish is a popular menu and have made itself listed in many restaurants. Those seafood lovers can now indulge in the taste of deliciously baked Scallops as a center stage as it is National Baked Scallops Day.

“Scallops are expensive, so they should be treated with some class. But then, I suppose that every creature that gives his life for our table should be treated with class.” – Jeff Smith

History of National Baked Scallops Day

Although the National Baked Scallops Day’s history, origin, and founder are unknown, the baked Scallops have a long history. The baked scallop is prepared from the scallops, which are a species of saltwater clams. The seaside community people have been enjoying the scallops dishes since the beginning of time. The Scallops are a cosmopolitan family of bivalves that is very popular and highly prized as a food source. The adductor muscle and coral are the two fleshy parts of the scallop that is consumable. However, the coral is most often discarded due to its bitter taste. Only the rich and sweet white medallion of the meaty mollusks of the scallops are cooked. Scallops are low in fat and are found to be the quickest and easiest seafood to cook. The baked scallops are most often served as a delicious rich entree although they are also known and loved as an appetizer.

National Baked Scallops Day

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How to Celebrate National Baked Scallops Day

Celebrating the National Baked Scallops Day is can be done in many ways. You can order the baked scallops from a fine-dined restaurant to indulge in the taste of this seafood. Those who can bake it at home can go ahead by referring to the different baked scallops recipes to cook it fresh. Even those who are about to cook the seafood for the first time can try it as it gives you the best start in this type of cuisine menu. Make sure you serve baked scallops hot as the main course of the meal for your family. You can also serve the baked scallops with parsley, spinach, or some salad leaves. It works great with rice, fresh vegetables, and baked potatoes as the accompaniment. If you are in the seashore area, then try out a good hotel or restaurant to taste baked scallops fresh. Click some snaps while cooking baked scallops to show your cooking skills with others on social media using the hashtag #BakedScallopsDay.

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