World Pinhole Photography Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of every April, this year it will be celebrated on April 28. Pinhole Photography Day is celebrated annually to recognize the art of pinhole photography. The day is a great excuse to return in touch with the pleasure of photography unburdened by the technology of recent cameras. This day also motivates people to pick up this fantastic pinhole photography as a profession and hobby.

Knowing what I know now, any photographer worth his salt could make some beautiful things with pinhole cameras.” – Ansel Adams

History of World Pinhole Photography Day

In the modern world of digital photography, World Pinhole photography Day honors the humble and simple pinhole camera. A Pinhole Camera is different from the latest digital cameras, a Pinhole camera does not have a lens, and it captures the pictures using the light that passes through the tiny aperture or small hole which is called a pinhole. The light passes via the small hole and projects an inverted picture on a piece of paper or film. It is called the “camera obscura effect“. Pinhole cameras are widely used to take photos of the Sun and to watch solar eclipses safely. Pinhole cameras can be easily made at home with minimal equipment. The world’s biggest camera obscura is in Aberystwyth, west Wales, a camera obscura is the predecessor of a pinhole camera.

World Pinhole Photography Day

Other Celebrations on April 28

April 28 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day

On the day, make your pinhole camera at home and try taking pictures using it. Whether you take photos using an old pinhole camera or using the camera that you made at home, make sure that you share those images with the pinhole photography community and with your friends on social media using the hashtags #WorldPinholePhotographyDay or #PinholePhotography Day.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Pinhole Photography Day 2024.