National Paperclip Day is an annual celebration and is held on May 29th of every year. Paperclips are playing a great role in holding the sheets of paper together. Those curved steel pins can be found everywhere from school to an office and in every other place where papers are used. It is a must to celebrate this tiny yet useful stationery item with a day of its own as without which you wouldn’t have kept all your important papers well organized. National Paperclip Day celebrates paperclips and their usefulness.

History of National Paperclip Day

The history and origin of the National Paperclip Day are unknown. Even the creator and its first observance are also not known. However, the paperclips have been in existence since the 1860s. Paperclip is a tool that is used to hold the sheets of paper together. It is usually made of steel wire that is bent to a looped shape. The paper clip was initially designed for joining tickets to the fabric. However, the patent recognized that the paperclips could also be used to attach papers together. They were designed to have an oblong shape with straight sides. But now the paperclips also come in triangular, circular, and more elaborate shapes. The first patent for a paper clip made of bent wire was awarded in the United States to Samuel B. Fay, in the year 1867. Steel is the most common material used in making paperclips, and molded plastic is another material used. Multi-colored plastic-coated paper clips and the spring-fastened binder clips are the recent paperclip innovations.

National Paperclip Day

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How to Celebrate National Paperclip Day

Celebrating National Paperclip Day is very simple. Make sure you use paper clips to keep all your papers organized. You can even get into a stationery shop to buy different types of paperclips as it comes in many colors, sizes, and shapes. The paper clips aren’t just used for holding papers, but they can also be used as a replacement for a zipper tab, unclogging a spray bottle and single-serve coffee maker, as an emergency hook for broken necklaces, and more. So you can use paper clips even for multiple purposes. You can even go creative to make some paperclip crafts. Share your unique paperclip collection photos and celebrations on social media using the hashtag #PaperclipDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Paperclip Day 2023.