Learn About Composting Day is an annual observance and is celebrated on May 29th of every year. The natural fertilizer is all the way good for the soil as well as the crops yielded out of its result. Those food items are safe and healthy to eat. Natural fertilizer can be obtained via compositing, the simplest method which uses all your vegetables and other such wastes. Most of us have the habit of throwing the skins of vegetables and fruits, eggshells, tea decotion, papers, and other such decayable things. But they are highly used in the process of decomposition or recycling and can be utilized as a soil amendment or fertilizer. One must learn about compositing and its usefulness as it is Learn About Composting Day. Take the initiative to go green thereby saving the planet and environment.

“Producing quality compost is the most important job on the organic farm. A lot of the problems I see on farms I visit could be solved by making better compost.” – Eliot Coleman

History of  Learn About Composting Day

The Learn About Composting Day has been in celebration since the year 2011. There isn’t any record found about the creator of this Day. However, the motto of this Day is the same as its name, and thus it makes people learn about composting. Composting is an organic waste matter that can be decomposed or recycled to be used as a natural fertilizer. It is widely found to be the key ingredient in organic farming. Composting is the natural process that is obtained from a heap of wet organic matter or green waste where they will be broken down into the nutrient-rich substance called humus or compost. It can be used in agriculture, gardens, landscaping, and horticulture as it is a good fertilizer for plants. The compost is most beneficial for the soil in many different ways. It acts as a soil conditioner, fertilizer, natural pesticide for the soil, and addition of vital humus or humic acids. Compost is useful in the ecosystem as it controls erosion, land and stream reclamation, and wetland construction, and is also used as landfill cover.

Learn About Composting Day

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How to Celebrate Learn About Composting Day

The best way to celebrate the Learn About Composting Day is simply to learn about composting. Start composting in your home to use the natural fertilizer for your garden. Composting both the way beneficial as it is a natural fertilizer that merely is obtained from all your kitchen wastes. You can buy a composting bin to decompose the waste efficiently. Get to know and learn about the step-by-step way in which the waste can be turned into useful humus. Encourage people, and agricultures around you to use composts as fertilizer by educating the uses of organic composts. Share your composting day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #LearnAboutCompostingDay.

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