National Pinot Noir Day comes on August 18 of each year. Pinot Noir is a fantastic wine made from the temperamental little grape. The official wine day celebrations are usually unofficial as so National Pinot Noir Day. Crack open a bottle to enjoy the rich complex color and flavors of the Pinot Noir. It is the best day to drink a wine made from more than an ordinary grape variety. The day will never get completed for anyone without this pleasure-loving wine flavor.

“Pinot noir is the ultimate wine to have at the table. It’s a white wine masquerading as red…[while] Chardonnay is a red masquerading as a white.” – Kevin Zraly

History of National Pinot Noir Day

Pinot Noir Day

The origin and the person who was the first to bring up this exciting National Pinot Noir Day is unknown. However, the Pinot Noir has a very long history as the grape had been found long back. It dates back to the first century. The pine-cone-shaped clusters in the way they grow in on the vine and the dark color of the grapes had brought them such a name, Pinot Noir. Anyone will feel the taste of this wine with dedicated consumption. Pinot Noir is one among the grape variety that has been cultivated to prepare wine. Native Pinot Noir vines were available in Burgundy even before the Roman invasions during the first century AD. Also mentioned is that the Romans had coveted this Pinot Noir wine for centuries due to its delicious flavors. Pinot Noir grapes are difficult to plant, and it is even more tricky to turn into wine. The red berry profile is not only wine but it is a perfect match with any food pairings.

Other Celebrations on August 18

August 18 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

The best way to celebrate National Pinot Noir Day is by entering a local store and buy a bottle of Pinot Noir for yourself. As there are lots of varieties available, you can even try the one you hadn’t tasted. Collect all the variety of Pinot Noir vintage bottles. Enjoy boozing up with your friends by arranging a get-together and fill up your mouth with your favorite Pinot Noir. Share your Pinot Noir Day celebration pictures on social media with the hashtag #PinotNoirDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Pinot Noir Day 2023.