Meitei is the official language of Manipur, a state in Northeastern India. The language has various other names like Meetei, Meitheilon, Meeteilon, Meeʁteilon, and Manipuri. This Tibeto-Burman language comes under the language family Sino-Tibetan. The language has about 1.76 million native speakers all over the world. People who speak this language are called Meitei and Pangal. The early form of the language is Ancient Meitei (1445 BC – 17th cent. AD) and Classic Meitei (18th – 19th cent. AD). This tonal language has various dialects, and they are Standard Meitei, Pangal, Hao, Sekmai, Andro, Ukhrul, Senapati, Churachanpur, Tamenglong, Chandel, Jiri, Kakching, Khurkhul, Moirang, and Phayeng. The language has various writing systems like Ancient Meitei, Meetei Mayek, Bengali–Assamese script (Bengali alphabet), and Latin. So let’s see how to say months of the year in Meitei.

Months of the Year in Meitei

Meitei is currently classified as a vulnerable language by UNESCO. Meiteilon is one of the tonal languages whose accurate classification within the Sino-Tibetan language family remains unclear. In the upcoming article, let’s see how to say months of the year in Meitei.

How to Say English Months in Meitei

Gregorian Month PeriodRomanizationNumber of DaysMonth Name in Meitei
March – AprilSajibu30ꯁꯖꯤꯕꯨ
April – MayKalen30ꯀꯥꯂꯦꯟ
May – JuneEenga30ꯏꯉꯥ
June – JulyEengen30ꯏꯉꯦꯟ
July – AugustThouwan30ꯊꯧꯋꯥꯟ
August – SeptemberLangban30ꯂꯥꯡꯕꯟ
September – OctoberMera30ꯃꯦꯔꯥ
October – NovemberHeeyangkei30ꯍꯤꯌꯥꯡꯀꯩ
November – DecemberPoinu30ꯄꯣꯢꯅꯨ
December – JanuaryWakching30ꯋꯥꯛꯆꯤꯡ
January – FebruaryFairel30ꯐꯥꯢꯔꯦꯜ
February – MarchLamta30ꯂꯝꯇꯥ

Days Based on Months:

Important Days in JanuaryImportant Days in February
Important Days in MarchImportant Days in April
Important Days in MayImportant Days in June
Important Days in JulyImportant Days in August
Important Days in SeptemberImportant Days in October
Important Days in NovemberImportant Days in December

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