National Lasagna Day is celebrated on July 29 of every year. Lasagna is made with one of the oldest type of pasta, i.e., wide flat pasta in several layers using different ingredients and sauces. It can be created with vegetable or with any meat; it is a versatile plus a delicious cuisine. National Lasagna Day is celebrated all over the United States, but the recipe is popular and is consumed throughout the world. Pasta is an elegant main course that is a favourite dish for many. Red wine and lasagna are great pairs, so celebrate National Lasagna Day by baking in a large pan and with some sangria. This day appreciates and celebrates the Italian deliciousness.

I never met a lasagna I didn’t like.” – Jim Davis

History of National Lasagna Day

The origin and the history of National Lasagna Day are unknown. Though, lasagna has an exciting yet confusing history behind. The origin of lasagna is still debated. This dish is considered to be originated in Naples, Italy. The first recipe of lasagna came in a cookbook called The Liber de Coquina, which was published during the medieval period. Some assume that lasagna comes from the Greek word laganon, which means trivet for a pot. Few others have an opinion that the dish comes from a 14th-century British recipe called Loseyn. But the tomato sauce was added to the recipe only in the late 1500s because tomatoes were introduced to Europe just after Christopher Columbus in 1492 reached America. Initially, there were two types of lasagna noodles, but only one was allowed to be sold commercially. Now, there is numerous recipe to make lasagna, from many kinds of meat to veg lasagna.

National Lasagna Day
National Lasagna Day

Other Celebrations on July 29

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How to celebrate National Lasagna Day

Celebrate National Lasagna Day by eating that lasagna in your favourite style. Go adventurous to try a new crazy style of lasagna on this day. Lasagna is a classic Italian dish that is easy to make and are super yummy to have, so take this day as an opportunity to make your very own lasagna. Make sure that you eat a particular kind of lasagna because lasagna deserves to be celebrated on this day. There are plenty of option where you can find the best recipe to cook for your loved ones. You can surprise your friends or a family member by making one of them for dinner. Garfield’s favourite food is lasagna, so try watching any one of the episodes of it and relish your childhood. Another best way of celebrating the day is by heading to one of the best restaurants in the town with your family or friends to enjoy some lasagna. Post pictures and share your National Lasagna Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #LasaganaDay.

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