National Irish Coffee Day is an annual feast celebrated on January 25 of each year. It’s a special celebration Day for those cocktail lovers from all around the nation. Need not excuse yourself; instead, you can enjoy drinking this hot and sweet Irish coffee with a justification. As with growing number of fan followers, a special Day has been created to celebrate this irresistible cocktail drink made of coffee. National Irish Coffee Day wouldn’t get completed without immersing yourself in the combo of the whiskey and coffee drink. Withstand the cold winter season of the year with this old hot drink.

“Only Irish Coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fat.” – Alex Levine

History of National Irish Coffee Day

The history, origin, and the year from when the National Irish Coffee Day has been celebrated are unknown. There is no exact mention regarding the creator of such a cocktail celebration Day. However, the tradition of Irish Coffee date back to 1940s. The Irish Coffee is a cocktail drink prepared from hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar or brown sugar. The mixture is well stirred and is usually topped with the thick cream. Anyone can be drunk it through the cream. However, the original Irish Coffee recipe uses the cream that has not been whipped. In some parts of the world, this drink is sold as a recipe made of whipped cream.

National Irish Coffee Day 2018 - January 25

The colloquial version of the Irish coffee is also sometimes referred to any alcoholic coffee drink. Irish Coffee was introduced to this world by Joe Sheridan in 1942. He was a bartender at Foynes Airbase in the southwest Ireland. On a miserably cold wet day of that year, a group of passengers had stopped at Sheridan’s bar across the Atlantic Ocean after their cold eighteen-hour journey. Joe has served them with the drink made of hot coffee, spiked with the whiskey and topped with the whipped cream as to warm his guests.

According to the legends, one of the passengers has asked Joe if the beverage was a Brazilian coffee and to which he laughed and responded that it was an Irish coffee. Jack Koeppler, the owner of the Buena Vista bar in San Francisco along with the travel writer Stanton Delaplane brought Joe’s famous Irish coffee to the States ten years later. From then on the drink has soon spread all over the nation and it’s been a favourite drink ever since.

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How to Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day

Celebrating the National Irish Coffee Day is quite simple. You can indulge yourself in tasting this drink if you haven’t drunk earlier. Get to know about the Irish Coffee and its making at home. Prepare a homemade Irish Coffee drink for your family. Invite your friends and family for an Irish Coffee celebration party and serve them the drink in the Irish Coffee mug. Share your party pictures on social media using the hashtag #IrishCoffeeDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Irish Coffee Day 2021.

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