Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day is celebrated on September 18th of every year. Dedicating a day for those writers who pour out all the beautiful collection of words on the greetings is an honour. Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day celebrates the greeting card writers and their words that match every situation of one’s life.

“I couldn’t find a card that expressed my gratitude the way I wanted. I need a card that gives you a big hug.” – Anonymous

History of Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day

The history and origin of the Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day are anonymous. Nothing can compensate than getting a greeting card in person and through in the mail. However, the celebration of this day provides an opportunity for each one of us who collect greetings for our loved ones to show our gratitude for those lovely souls who express our feelings using the right words. In every occasion, we will get and give cards out of love for others. It may start from simple good morning greetings to the ones that propose one’s, love. Often, these words are anonymous and unappreciated. Take time for the celebration of this day as it is worth the note. It was found that the first greeting card was sent in Germany since the 15th century. Currently, there are hundreds and millions of cards sent globally.  Honor those anonymous writers in this a special day and acknowledge their talents.

Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day
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Other Celebrations on September 18

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How to Celebrate Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day

The best way to celebrate Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day is to hug a greeting card writer for his incredible work. You can attend classes on how to create greetings cards by your own. Take a visit to the nearby museum to see the vintage greeting cards. Encourage people who are skilled at penning down the right thoughts. Post and share your Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day celebrations on the social media using the hashtag #HugAGreetingCardWriterDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day 2019.

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