National Hoagie Day is celebrated on May 5 of every year. The day for the people to enjoy the long bread roll filled with their favorite toppings like salami, turkey, vegetables, meatballs, cheese, and much more. The Hoagie is otherwise called Grinder, Sub, Italian, Hero, Torpedo, or baguette among others. Hoagie is a sandwich on the long Italian roll or French bread which is filled with a variety of cheese, vegetables, meats, seasoning, and sauces. The National Hoagie Day wouldn’t get complete without creating your combination of fillings and having your hoagie whether cold or hot.

History of National Hoagie Day

The founder and exact origin of Eat a Hoagie Day is still not found. But the Hoagie or Sandwich was introduced in 1953. The Italians who worked at the World War I-era shipyard in Hog Island (Philadelphia) introduced the sandwich by putting several vegetables, cheeses, lettuce, and meats between the two slices of bread. It was referred to as “Hog Island Sandwich”, and later it was shortened to “Hoagie” and it is the home of the Hoagie recipe. But the Philadelphia Almanac and Citizen’s Manual believe that the sandwich was introduced by “hokey-pokey-men” or street vendors in the 20th century. There is also another theory that explains the introduction of “hoagie.” It explains that people in the Italian Community in South Philadelphia used the slang “on the hoke” to describe the destitute person. Deli owners gave away the scraps of cheese and meat on the Italian roll known as “hokie.” But the Italian immigrants pronounced it as “hoagie.” In 1992, Ed Rendell, former Philadelphia Mayor, and Pennsylvania Governor declared hoagie as the “Official Sandwich of Philadelphia.”

National Hoagie Day

Other Celebrations on May 5

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How to Celebrate National Hoagie Day

The best way to celebrate National Hoagie Day is to visit your nearby local bakery and enjoy the tase to Hoagie Sandwich with your friends or family members. If you are an expert in cooking, then take this day as a perfect opportunity to make Hoagie Sandwich on your own with your favorite toppings. Gather your friends and family members to host a Hoagie Themed party. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media by using the hashtag #HoagieDay or #NationalHoagieDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Hoagie Day 2022.