International Midwives Day

International Midwives Day is an annual celebration held on May 5th of every year. Women at every stage of her life need extra care and are obviously true during her pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. There are professionals who take care those women and they were none other than the midwives. They are the professionals in midwifery who takes care of the women and their newborns during the pregnancy period, labour, childbirth and even during the post-delivery period. The role of midwives and midwifery are incredible and is found to be an incomparable service. It is important to recognize all the midwives and their caretaking skills with a day on the calendar. Thus, International Midwives Day is a very special day that is set aside to celebrate all the midwives internationally and highlights their work skills.

“I’d be just as happy being a midwife. That’s my ideal job.” – Allison Anders

History of International Midwives Day

The International Midwives Day has been in celebration since the year 1991. The Day is also termed as the International Day of the Midwife. International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) has established this international day for the midwives. On following the suggestions and discussion held in 1980’s by the Midwives Associations, the Day has been created. The idea to recognize and honour midwives with a Day came out in the International Confederation of Midwives conference held in 1987 in the Netherlands. ICM has launched the Midwives Day initiative formally in the year 1992. Since then, Midwives Day has been observed in more than 50 nations from around the world. The Day is an international celebration that recognizes and highlights the work of all the midwives globally.

International Midwives Day
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International Midwives Day

Every year ICM comes up with a campaign theme and thereby motivating a call to the action to the people all over the world to get involved in this Day. The world focus and acknowledges the role of all the midwifery and midwives who are the main caregivers for the women. Midwives Day is the perfect time for all the midwife to think about the other professions and thereby make new contacts inside and outside of midwifery to spread the knowledge of the role played by them for the world. Midwives are everywhere who are working in cooperation with women and their families and providing support for them as to make better decisions about what they actually want for a safe and fulfilling birth.

A midwife is a professional in the midwifery who is practising in pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, postpartum, women’s sexual and reproductive health. A person is called as a midwife once on successful completion of midwifery education programme. The term midwife has been derived from the Old English word mid, “with” and wif, “woman”, and it originally meant “with-woman.” i.e., a person who is with the mother or the woman during her childbirth. The word midwifes is used to refer to both male and female midwives. A midwife will be practice in any setting, and it may be the home, community, hospitals, and clinics or health units.

International Midwives Day Themes

  • 2018 – Midwives leading the way with quality care
  • 2017 – Midwives: Making a difference in the world
  • 2016 – Women and Newborns: The Heart of Midwifery
  • 2015 – Midwives: for a better tomorrow
  • 2014 – Midwives changing the world one family at a time
  • 2013 – The world needs midwives now more than ever!/Midwives Save Lives
  • 2012 – The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever
  • 2011 – The first 5km of the long Walk to Durban in South
  • 2010 – The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever
  • 2009 – The World Needs Midwives More Than Ever
  • 2008 – Healthy Families – the Key to the Future
  • 2007 – Midwives reach out to women – wherever they live
  • 2006 – The World Needs Midwives – Now More Than Ever
  • The theme of 2005 – The World Needs Midwives – Now More Than Ever
  • The theme of 2004 – Midwives: a voice for healthy families
  • The theme of 2003 – Leadership and key partnerships in midwifery actions achieve improved health for mothers and newborns
  • The theme of 2002 – The World Needs Midwives – Now More Than Ever
  • The theme of 2001 – The World Needs Midwives – Now More Than Ever
  • The theme of 2000 – The World Needs Midwives – Now More Than Ever
  • The theme of 1991 – Towards safe birth for all by the year 2000

Other Celebrations on May 5

May 5 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate International Midwives Day

Celebrating the International Midwives Day is quite simple. Meet any midwives you know in person and appreciate their service. Recognize them, their work, and their support for women during her pregnancy and childbirth. Those women who have undergone safe labour can even thank your midwives who have taken care of you the most on this Day. Organize event and activities for the midwives to let them enjoy their own celebration Day. If you are a midwife yourself, then take this Day as the best time to extend your contact and make people around you realize your important role in the society. Share your appreciations for the midwives on the social media using the hashtag #MidwivesDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Midwives Day 2019.

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